□ Write that blog article
□ Write those product descriptions
□ Write that investor letter
□ Get that ad written
□ Write that home page copy
□ Find someone to write that SEO copy
□ Get that training video written
□ Get that TV spot written
□ Get on those daily tweets
□ Come up with  a concept for a new campaign
□ Find the hot buttons in your product
□ Write that sales letter
□ Write the new Facebook posts
□ Write a new AdWords campaign
□ Write that direct mail piece
□ Put that sales presentation together
□ Write that catalog copy

What do we do?

We write and edit: ad copy, TV spots, marketing plans, Facebook posts, Tweets, blog articles, product descriptions, AdWord campaigns, ad campaigns, trial briefs, PR releases, new business presentations, political speeches and campaigns, signs, slogans, direct mail copy, AV and other scripts, brochures, radio spots, annual reports, catalogs, screenplays, proposals,  flyers, newsletters, films, jingles, outdoor boards, letters, bumper stickers, sales sheets, special promotions, statement stuffers, matchbook covers… if it involves words, we do it well, fast, and affordably. Guaranteed.

No project is too large or too small.

We’ve been writing copy for more than 40 years, for clients in every kind of industry, from hazardous waste management firms to retail flower shops to helicopter manufacturers, selling everything from ball bearings to beer. We know what we’re doing, we do it quickly and well, and our clients are always pleasantly surprised at the quality, speed, low cost, and effectiveness of our work.

 Blogs, tweets, posts, and pages

We’ve written thousands of product descriptions for websites, hundreds of posts, tweets, and blog articles, and dozens of websites for national and international firms.

Our guarantee

We guarantee you’ll be happy with our services.  If not, you pay nothing.

Contact writers@rentawriter.com. Tell us what you need. We’ll respond immediately.